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Please visit my 'professional' art site ( and buy something; I'm not using Patreaon, Kickstarter, etc, because I don't believe in their tiered rewards-systems. First of all, you're inflating the value of the "rewards", and secondly, producing exclusive content takes too much time and effort away from producing base content. IMO, makes more sense to sell content for what it is, and not lock people out from buying it just because they weren't on a pointless roster of elites. ಠ___ಠ

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Eu Tyto Alba
Artist | Varied
United States
My house looks like the Keyblade Graveyard. :iconterrafacepalmplz:
I stopped counting my keyblades & swords years ago......

Told ma bro: soon Imma have enough to make a video-game edition Iron Throne! :O_o:

Short samurai movies that I helped film and was in:
[2007] [2010] [2010 Director's Cut]

Like I care how old most of these are. They'll always have a special place in my heart. :aww:
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (I now own a copy from 1895!!! :squee:)
Bloodborne ([vid])
Dark Souls (([vid1] [vid2])
Kingdom Hearts ([vid1] [vid2] [vid3] [vid4])
FF Versus XIII aka FF15 ([vid1] [vid2] [vid3])
GOOD Steampunk ([vid1] [vid2])
Fullmetal Alchemist
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Deus Ex series ([vid])
Dead Space
Epic Mickey
The Shadow ([vid])
FF Crisis Core
Bionicle ([vid1] [vid2]) So WHAT if they're just toy commercials?! They're EPIC!!
Romantically Apocalyptic ([vid] Not actually from the comic, but beautifully similar IMO. )
Megaman Zero
Digimon seasons 1 & 2 only
Star Trek Continues ([vic])
9 (the Tim Burton film)
Danny Phantom
Sherlock Holmes (novels only)
Escaflowne ([vid])
Appleseed ([vid])
Treasure Planet
Teen Titens
Transformers: Beast Machines [vid]
Visual-Kei fashion ([vid])
Minecraft ([vid1] [vid2] [vid3])
Dr. Horrible
Vocaloids: Yowane Haku, Megurin Luka, & Camui Gakupo NOT shipped!!!!
MLP Creepypasta ([vid])
Old Tucson's Nightfall ([vid])

And undoubtedly more I've forgotten. RUNAWAY!!!!! :noes:

:iconbarnowlbottomplz: :iconsword-plz::iconsword2-plz::iconsword3-plz::iconsword4-plz::iconsword5-plz:
:iconfavnrun1plz::iconfavnrun2plz: :iconnightowl1plz::iconnightowl2plz: :iconrikustampplz::iconrikustamp2plz: :iconi-love-rain-stamp::iconi-love-rain2-stamp: :iconcommenters1plz::iconcommenters2plz: :iconcolormeplz1::iconcolormeplz2: :iconcomments1stampplz::iconcomments2stampplz: :iconstealfav1::iconstealfav2: :iconusa-plz1::iconusa-plz2: :iconcoffeestamp1::iconcoffeestamp2: :iconwriterstamp1plz::iconwriterstamp2plz: :iconilovepapersmell1plz::iconilovepapersmell2plz: :iconistilllovedisney1plz::iconistilllovedisney2plz: :iconplutostamp1::iconplutostamp2: :iconthetypeofperson1plz::iconthetypeofperson2plz: :iconchocobochickstmp1plz::iconchocobochickstmp2plz: :iconimwatchingyou1plz::iconimwatchingyou2plz: :iconwilldrawforplz::iconwilldrawfor2plz: :iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2: :iconcoconutstampplz::iconcoconutstampplz2: :iconrockmanzeroplz::iconrockmanzeroplz2: :icondpreal::iconfansnosubbie: :iconmustcontainfangirl1::iconmustcontainfangirl2: :iconnom1plz::iconnom2plz: :iconlucariolovestamp1::iconlucariolovestamp2: :iconlightninglove1plz::iconlightninglove2plz: :iconwhitewolfos1plz::iconwhitewolfos2plz: :iconletgoofhate1plz::iconletgoofhate2plz: :iconwinterstamp: :iconi-love-autumn-stamp::iconi-love-autumn2-stamp: :icondonotfallplz1::icondonotfallplz2: :iconicecreamicon1::iconicecreamicon2: :iconsolemnlyplz::iconuptonogoodplz: :iconisupportderpyplz::iconisupportderpy2plz: :icondontsmokestamp1::icondontsmokestamp2: :icondidstamp1plz::icondidstamp2plz: :iconpro-lifestmp1plz::iconpro-lifestmp2plz:
Basically, if I'm hanging around on DeviantArt, there is something urgent and important elsewhere which I should be tending to instead. If I disappear completely for days or even weeks in a row and fall behind on responding to comments, then I may actually be getting work done! :la: I can only hope that, knowing that, you who who are waiting for responses from me won't consider me as rude as I feel I'm unintentionally being by letting your kind words slip by... Believe me, answered or not, I am deeply grateful for ALL of the encouragement I have received. :iconplzgaytighthug: Some days, you should know, it's almost all that keeps me going.... One of the few things harder than trying to make it as an artist is trying to convince those closest to you that you're not just a baseless dreamer grasping at lottery tickets. I am a dreamer, but the feedback I've gotten online is how I know that despite those jaded know-it-all doubters my dreams are anything but baseless.

That said, these are my current major projects:
:bulletblack: I'm still in the process of modifying the 3D model of Master Eraqus' keyblade armor, after which I'll papercraft and cosplay it, as previously planned.
:bulletblack: I've also begun working on the template for Adam Jensen's augmented-prosthetic arms from "Deus Ex; Human Revolution". I believe I've posted 49 papercraft downloads so far (several contain multiple projects, so that's not an accurate count of how many individual papercrafts I've released) so I wanted to do something fancy for my 50th submission. :D
:bulletblack: I still plan to model and papercraft Edward Elric's automail, soon, but honestly I'm nervous about starting it, besides busy with the first two projects.
:bulletblack: And, amazingly, one day a few weeks ago I suddenly remembered that (LAST YEAR) I promised to papercraft Cloud Strife's Fusion Swords! I have collected two excellent 3D models of this weapon----but though they look great, they're both riddled with issues that make papercrafting them extremely complicated. The best way to avert this is actually to take this great original reference drawing by Tetsuya Nomura which I found and 3D model all seven blades myself based on that.

That's officially all for now. If I make any more commitments of this sort, I'd have to start wearing a paper ring on my left hand. :noes:

But, don't be surprised if I suddenly post something out of the blue that is completely unrelated to anything I've ever mentioned before, even if I SHOULD be devoting the time to my high-priority projects. If I try to fight off inspiration when it happens, then the idea transforms into a heavy link at the end of a very long chain that I call a to-do list. I CAN NOT forget such things. So to spare myself, I take the idea and charge headlong with it. Sometimes I finish it, other times it expands into a time-eating monster that I ultimately have to bury...

There are a few requests I still haven't gotten around to doing. Way to the Dawn, Destiny's Embrace, Rainfell, Sora's hair, Roxas's hair, more Organization XIII weapons... Since I agreed to do them, I'll get to them as soon as I can, but only without bumping the projects listed above. Besides, the 3D model for Roxas's hair is a flat, sparkling-Pepakura-glitch nightmare, and Destiny's Embrace isn't far behind it in that regard. :noes:

And finally.... *pseudo-prestigious drum roll*

There is the impending yet frustratingly drawn-out launch of my personal, professional art website, I've needed one for several years, but have always hated the idea of becoming a human factory and producing the same product over and over again, or seemingly the only alternative which was to make only one or two of each new thing. However, by offering digital downloads, I've finally arrived at a win-win arrangement! :la:

A couple of things will be different about the papercrafts I'm going to make exclusively available through Towerdweller. First of all, NONE of them will be made from ripped video game models. MAYBE there's a clause in copyright law that MIGHT allow for that, but I'd rather avoid the whole issue. That said, all future papercrafts of mine which are made from ripped models will continue to be free no matter how long they took to make. I may just have to make fewer of them, because there's only one of me and I'm not an octopus.

Secondly, as much as I love making prop replicas, in order to further avoid the gory trenches of Copyright Dodgeball, I'm going to stick to 100% original designs. (As opposed to original 3D models of copyrighted designs.) However, despair not, for I have deep knowledge of nerdy subcultures and plan to express it through papercraft. I'm labeling Towerdweller with the genres of Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Historical, and the stuff I already have in mind is, in my humble opinion, a whole new level of epic.

Thirdly, though I don't bother applying textures fancier than flat coloration, or maybe even because of that, my original models have more mesh detail than what I find in ripped models. So, that means much more realistic-looking props after you strengthen and paint them, AND the option for me to papercraft simple machines that actually work!

[example] Click it, or else! :chainsaw:

All that's holding back Towerdweller's official ribbon-cutting is my intense dislike for making websites. I have decent skill at it, it's just hard, time consuming, and a miserable experience. My mom, who couldn't love making websites more, keeps trying to persuade me to use Wordpress. But, I've seen Wordpress sites, and they're not even on the same proverbial continent as what I want. Compounded with this problem is my slowness at drawing, for I require a few specific graphics to serve as a storefront... :shakefist:

No matter what other gibberish I might accidentally imply when I try to list eeevveerryyyttthhhiiinnnggg that I'm currently involved in, jusso you know is the real, honest to grapefruit, priority one. :salute:

Speaking of which, I finally produced a list papercrafts I would love to make someday that I'm actually satisfied covers most of the old ideas I've been lugging around in the back of my mind for so long; I wasn't even close to kidding about the analogy of a heavy chain. :noes:

:star: indicates premium papercrafts reserved for
:bulletred: indicates something I may NEVER release to the public

:icongearspinplz: indicates that something has mechanical parts!

In no sensible order whatsoever:

Broken Sword's sword  ("HERO")
Flying Snow's sword  ("HERO")
Fire Toa's sword  ("BIONICLE: Mask of Light")
Ice Toa's sword  ("BIONICLE: Mask of Light")
Zar'roc's sheath  ("Inheritance" series") to go with my Zar'roc papercraft
Brisingr, Eragon's sword & sheath  ("Inheritance" series)
:star: Truth, fanmade purple dragon-rider sword & sheath  (inspired by the "Inheritance" series)
Edward Elric's automail arm false prosthetic  ("Fullmetal Alchemist")
Edward Elric's automail leg false prosthetic  ("Fullmetal Alchemist")
the black knight's helmet  ("Monty Python and the Holy Grail")
Dr. Horrible's freeze ray  ("Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog")
leper-king of Jerusalem's silver mask  ("Kingdom of Heaven")
Immortals' mask  ("300")
Phantom of the Opera mask remake  ("Phantom of the Opera" 2004)
:star: armor stand
:star: crossed-swords wall mount
:star: Japanese three-tiered sword rack
:star: Japanese 10-tiered sword rack
:star: three-tiered katana holster  (right out of a crazy-awesome dream I had)
:star: historically accurate full suit of o-yoroi armor
:star: :icongearspinplz: rubber-band powered hidden blade knockoff  (inspired by "Assassins Creed") only because my bro is an AC fanboy
:star: :icongearspinplz: steampunk lantern
:star: :icongearspinplz: articulated costume wings with an 18ft span [see prototype]
:star: :icongearspinplz: old ship's wheel
:star: :icongearspinplz: nautical hourglass
:star: :icongearspinplz: human-sized steampunk music box key
:star: steampunk Plague-Doctor mask
:star: :icongearspinplz: articulated Plague-Doctor mask
:icongearspinplz: Pinkamena Dianne Pie marionette  ("My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" creepypasta)
:star: oversized cat ears
:star: 3D-printed mermaid ears
:star: elegant owl "ears"
:star: a character's metal gloves from one of the novels I'm writing
:star: that same character's broadsword & sheath
:star: that same character's dagger & sheath
:star: the mask worn by a superhero in that same story
:bulletred: custom armor for several characters in an independent film I'm helping with
:star: :icongearspinplz: steampunk/gothic birdcage
:star: :icongearspinplz: steampunk/gothic parasol
:star: medieval coal lantern
:star: :icongearspinplz: 3D-printed masquerade-mustache
"Nemo gun"  ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" 1954)
model of the Nautilus  ("20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" 1954)
:star: Vires Angelorum, an original sword from my fanfic "Heart of the Realm"
:star: Anima Verglas, an original, "Souleater"-inspired sword from HotR
:star: Towerdweller, an original keyblade from HotR
:star: Iron Fist, another fan keyblade, but I won't call them "keyblades" for copyright sake
:star: War Gizmo, another one
:star: Paragon, another one
:star: Anachron, another one
:star: Rain Dance, another one
:star: Star Stealer, another one
:star: Sauroctone, another one
:star: Bete Noir, another one
:star: Distant Destiny, another one
Shards of Stars, what happens to Oathkeeper in HotR when Sora breaks his promise
:star: Fit for a King, a fanmade ultima keyblade from HotR
:star: Save the Earth, another fan ultima
:star: Weight of the World, another fan ultima
:star: World Razer, a fanmade dark ultima co-wielded by four characters in HotR
:star: fanmade paladin armor worn by Sora as prisoner/guard of the door to Kingdom Hearts
Cloud Strife's Fusion Swords  ("Final Fantasy: Advent Children")
high-resolution mod of the SOLDIER sword  ("Final Fantasy: Crisis Core")
high-resolution mod of Stormfall  ("Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep")
Captain Daniel Gregg's portrait  ("The Ghost & Mrs. Muir")
high-res Jeannie's bottle  ("I Dream of Jeannie") so that my non-nerd dad can recognize something I've made
:star: :icongearspinplz: Imber's memory mirror, a device from the epilogue/'secret ending' of HotR
Ansem the Wise's Kingdom Hearts data-encoding device  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
:star: ice queen crown
:star: ice queen wings
:star: ice queen pauldrons
:star: :icongearspinplz: 3D-printed steampunk folding fan frame
:star: :icongearspinplz: 3D-printed folding fan frame with ice crystal patterns
crest-sword of the king of Fanalia  ("The Vision of Escaflowne")
Secret Treasure of Fraid  ("The Vision of Escaflowne")
Atlantean war mask  ("Atlantis: The Lost Empire")
Edward Elric's transmuted spear  ("Fullmetal Alchemist")
Rainfell  ("Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep")
Destiny's Embrace  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Way to the Dawn  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Photon Debugger  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Fatal Crest  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Pumpkin Head  ("Kingdom Heart")
3D-printed replica of The Shadow's fire-opal ring ("The Shadow" 1994)
:star: Victorian-lion ring
:star: :icongearspinplz: functional miniature of the Multiplane Camera from the 1930s
:star: whole series of Venetian Carnival masks
:star: dieselpunk pilot goggles
:star: :icongearspinplz: steampunk claw prosthetic
:star: 36'' steampunk wrench
:star: :icongearspinplz: a model of a classic car from the 1920s, 30s, or 40s
:star: a life-size angel sculpture
:star: a life-size cathedral gargoyle sculpture
Demetria the Deceiver's armor  ("Spy Kids 3D")
classic Megaman Zero armor  ("Magaman Zero" series)
low-poly Megaman Zero armor  ("Magaman Maverick Hunter X")
high-poly Megaman Zero armor  ("Marvel vs. Capcom 3")
high-resolution mod of Terra's keyblade armor  ("Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep")
:star: cyberpunk visor
:star: cyberpunk fairy wings
life-size sword of the guymelef Eescaflowne  ("The Vision of Escaflowne")
8-inch tall Sirena  (my MLP:FiM "horesfly" OC) figure
:star: steampunk grandfather clock facade for cheap battery clocks
:star: Victorian hat rack
:star: :icongearspinplz: alchemical scales
:bulletred: 3D-printed custom tsuba
:star: series of dragon horns
Starlight keylade  ("Kingdom Hearts X")
Noctis's engine-sword  ("Final Fantasy XV")
Jadis's ice wand  ("Chronicles of Narnia")
Shan-Yu's sword  ("Mulan")
:star: 3D-printed Victorian teacups
Two Across  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Xigbar's guns  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
Demyx's citar  ("Kingdom Hearts II")
high-resolution Oblivion complete re-model  ("Kingdom Hearts")
high-resolution Oatheeper complete re-model  ("Kingdom Hearts")
:star: Dr. Owl mask
Mickey's firefighter hat  ("Epic Mickey 2")
the magic paintbrush  ("Epic Mickey 2")
Oswald's remote controller  ("Epic Mickey 2")
The Mad Doctor's animatronic arms false prosthetic  ("Epic Mickey 2")
The Mad Doctor's mustache  ("Epic Mickey 2")
:star: 1700s tricorn hat
:star: 1940s fedora hat
:star: big ol' slouch hat  (inspired by "The Shadow")
Jim Hawkins's pistol ("Treasure Planet")
:star: 3D-printed southwestern terracotta sun wall hanging with the :iconimhappyplz: face transposed
:star: stuff for a steampunk short-film I've always dreamed of seeing done...

*scrolls off to infinity*  :noes::noes::noes::noes::noes::noes::noes:

My general idea is to print this list out and stick a pin in it whenever I'm ready to model something. ^^;

EDIT: Oh yeah... AND I wanna make several how-to tutorial videos so that if someone has a request, and they're darned determined to get it, they won't have to depend on me or any other papercrafter to to make it for them. At least one of these will be on how to 3D-model prop items from scratch with completely free software PLUS how to prepare them for papercrafting and/or 3D-printing. One needn't actually own a 3D-printer to have something made; there are online companies that will 3D-print your models and ship them to you. ;)
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: how to repair and preserve 118-year-old paperbacks
  • Watching: The Gracie Allen Show & classic monster movies
  • Playing: Deus Ex
  • Eating: canned soap (lol) ;-P

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Designing papercrafts is a lengthy multi-stage, multi-skill process imo.

First, you either have to 3D-model something yourself (a skill akin to sculpting, with computer-related headaches thrown in), or rip a model from another source. Ripping models has widely varying degrees of difficulty because the processes and tools (often written by lone hobbyists, not software companies) are different for almost every single game, gaming platform, and game-development company. Can't rip 3D from movies because the models you see are just video renders. :\

To rip "Dark Souls" models, fortunately I didn't have to look far for a straight-forward tutorial that actually worked:

And as for 'unfolding' them, this really old video I once made paints a general idea: The program is Pepakura Designer.
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