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Apprentice Xehanort Wig by EuTytoAlba Apprentice Xehanort Wig by EuTytoAlba

As you can see from the build, this is actually too big at its original size. I recommend printing the template out at %98.5, or %99 if you wear a really large hat size.

Wow, three of these templates done in two days~ :omg:
(They take about 9 hours each, from start to finish to upload.)

Haven't built any of them, yet------I figured I would just run with my template-designer muse like crazy before it abandons me... :nuu: .....then I'll kidnap a papercraft-constructing muse at bubblegum-point and build all of them at once. :shifty:

FYI: The ZiP contains two PDFs, one with texture and one without. The version without texture has the edges numbered, so if you get lost assembling the textured version, study the untextured file.

You have exactly until my computer crashes to tell me if you encounter any problems with this papercraft!! Again, I still cannot afford to unlock Pepakura's .pdo-export feature, so please make due with the best I can offer. I cannot save anything except in PDF format, and after I close the project I cannot go back to edit it without starting over. Until I'm completely happy with this template, or my computer crashes first, I'll simply leave it open. :noes: (*Jan 26* It crashed. :cry:)

The scale was approximated; I suspect this one will be slightly too large, which is easy enough to fix by adjusting the scale-percentage when you go to print it out. Just a helpful tip. Though, I may yet tweak with the file after I build it. I upload works in progress because I honestly never know when I WILL finish something, and all you lovely folks out there would rather have an imperfect resource than none at all, right?

......right?? :fear:
Makashimaca Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Student General Artist
yeah!!!!!!!!!! excelent me encanto
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January 18, 2012
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