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March 7, 2013
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Canon PowerShot S5 IS
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1/13 second
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6 mm
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Mar 6, 2013, 6:15:33 PM
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Ends of the Earth Papercraft Build by EuTytoAlba Ends of the Earth Papercraft Build by EuTytoAlba
Since DeviantArt seems to be screwing around with the link url, TRY HERE if the above doesn't work. Look down the right side of the screen for a a small link in bold blue text that says "Download File"

I LOVE THIS THING!!! :iconyayzplz:

I've been working on this slowly over the past few weeks----beginning the day I finished my template and posted it here on DA. :phew:

If you're curious about the details I added, take a look here for the little tour. In short----originally, the small details were faked, present only in the flat texture of the 3D model, so I gave them tangible dimension.

Just for the heck of it, I'll film the resining process tomorrow, and the foam injection process sometime in the days following.... EDIT: I've decided to finish building some more new papercrarfts first. I shan't say what they are 'cause the expectation just puts way too much pressure on me. ^^;
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CtrlFreak1337 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
Just printed off the template, how exactly do I go about putting it together? I wanted to use it for my Halloween costume, and I've never done any papercraft or anything like that before.
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
Agh, this project takes even an intermediate level artist over a week to build. No way imo you can finish this before least, not by yourself. Get two or maybe three friends to help you, and you stand a chance. :P

Here's a quick tutorial of the basics that I just pulled up on YouTube:
Though, he mistakenly calls a "mountain fold", his first example, a "valley fold". The second time he identifies a "valley fold" is correct. It just means whether you fold the glue tab towards ("valley") or away from ("mountain") you.
CtrlFreak1337 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
I have access to a 3D Printer and could print it in pieces, but I have no way to convert it to a .stl or a .obj file. Could you do so for me and post a link? Sorry for the trouble, I just REEEEEALLY want to cosplay as Terra tomorrow... ;-;
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Shoot, I didn't see this until now. I'm sorry! :(

If you still want, I'll release a .stl, but you may have to break the model up into pieces to 3D print it full-size. Shall I do that?
AnkhsNScythesCoslpay Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So as someone who has never tried to make a papercraft weapon I am curious do you have any advice for someone who is trying to build this monster?
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
Well, that's all somewhat advanced, though. ^^;

For a beginner, perhaps I would recommend getting a "snap knife" as your cuttuing tool and a "self-healing" cutting mat. Those tools are much quicker than using scissors imo. I personally don't like "craft knives" aka "Exacto knives" because they're uncomfortable to hold, even the expensive ones with fancy silicon grips, and the blades always come unscrewed while I'm working. :shakefist:

Common white glue works fine, though many paprcrafters use all kinds of fancy stuff. I just buy white glue by the refill-gallon since mixing it with water is also better for paper-mache than flour+water. Some people paper-mache their papercrafts when they're finished, but this particular weapon, with all those tiny crevices, would be rather difficult.

That's about all I can think of, I guess.... :P
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
Sorry for the late replay. (I guess you may even be long done with this project by now?) I kind of put all the advice I had in text on this picture.

In addition now, though, be warned that if you choose to inject it with spray-foam, check on it every 20 minutes regularly for about 18+ hours. The foam constantly needs to be massaged back into place, or it will bloat your project in slow motion and then harden irreversibly by the time you discover it the next day. :| This happened to my Ends of the Earth; it's not ruined, but it's obviously lumpy. So, when I injected foam into my Master Keeper next, I went so far as to slice deeply into it with a razor blade along its valley and mountain folds in order to let extra gas out of the foam to keep it under control.
ChuuninJ Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Hey I was wondering what exactly is the foam injection process? I cant find anything about it n.n :)
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
I tend to invent processes as I go, so I'm not really surprised. ^^;

I recorded myself injecting Ends of the Earth here, but it came out pretty rough. So, the video tutorial I've been promising forever will have to feature the next keyblade I inject, Starlight.

In short, it's where one takes a papercraft and very carefully injects it with polyurethane spray-foam. (Which squirts out of the can having a consistency like hot marshmallows.) The problem I ran into is that the foam keeps expanding for 12-24 hours while it hardens, and must be "stabbed" with a long razor blade for gas pockets every 20 minutes, or else it could "explode" the papercraft in extreme slow-motion. ....Other than that, I think it's self-explanatory. The can comes with a long straw that attaches to its nozzle, so you just stick that in the papercraft like acupuncture. :shrug:
ChuuninJ Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
ah i see thanks for the explenation  it really helps XD  exploding papercraft sounds really silly doesnt it?
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