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Project Folly - Villain's Whizzer by EuTytoAlba Project Folly - Villain's Whizzer by EuTytoAlba
I tried extremely hard to draw Project Folly's villain today, but only managed this sketch of his beloved motorbike. I studied about 50 images of classic Whizzers about a month ago, then let it all congeal in my mind before drawing this today from memory. I don't want to copy one that exists/existed. But that obviously creates a huge problem, because I will have to learn how they work so that I can design an original one. This sketch is only a start. That's why it isn't colored. (And missing its fuel line, besides I don't even know what else.) But it will have to do for now while I study more. This motorbike is going to be the most difficult special effect in my movie, because I can't afford a real one, but it adds so many awesome and necessary dynamics to the story that I'm afraid I'll just have to suffer the challenge. :P

The reason I'm struggling with designing the villain himself is because I'm less versed at designing in the genre of Dieselpunk than I am at designing in Steampunk, and the villain is this super cool Dieselpunk fella. The bike is necessary to show that he has no room for women in his heart. He is completely in love with machines and engineering, and partly therefor acts cruelly towards his fellow human beings. There is also this important scene which suddenly goes from 'bleh' to over 9000 x awesome just by putting this under him, without even changing what he was already doing in the scene.

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September 2, 2013
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