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Starlight Keylade PDO/PDF (UPDATED 10.21.14) by EuTytoAlba Starlight Keylade PDO/PDF (UPDATED 10.21.14) by EuTytoAlba

Also downloadable from DeviantArt. See right-hand column of this page for link, in bold blue text. ------->

WOOHOOO!!! Successful speed-model! :iconmashedpotatoplz: ...From importing the reference image to finishing the PDO, this took about 15 hours. For a model that ended up with over 47-hundred faces, that's practically on fire. (I'm using freeware.) If you've seen my to-papercraft list, then you know I need to make that my average pace in order to ever hope to make a dent in it. ^^;

I was once tempted to papercraft the Kingdom Key, but saw that someone else already had. So, I thought maybe someday I'd make a high-resolution Kingdom Key instead. Didn't really want to by then. Then yesterday, while I was looking up something random, I found out about this new Kingdom Hearts MMO set during the Keyblade War. The date of this installment's launch is still TBA, though an image of the keyblade which new players start out with had already been revealed. It sort of picked up where my interest in the Kingdom Key left off.

And then it occurred to me-----even Japan doesn't have a publicly available 3D model of this keyblade yet....
Time to avenge the western hemisphere for all those Japan-only "Final Mix" re-releases!!! :evillaugh:

BY THE WAY, the Kingdom Hearts Wikia mentions that, in "Kingdom Hearts X", player avatar-characters will be customizable in appearance. So, just as a suggestion: if you build this keyblade, why not totally invent your own color combinations? I think I'll be going with scarlet, copper, and gray. :meow:
Unless I miscounted, this makes the 50th papercraft I've submitted! :iconfaintsplz:
SweetCake15 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on your 50th papercraft!
Well appreciated for your work! And it looks awesome! so pretty >u<
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June 26, 2013
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