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February 1, 2013
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Towerdweller -Fan Keyblade by EuTytoAlba Towerdweller -Fan Keyblade by EuTytoAlba
EDIT 2.3.13 11:30AM: Added flat coloration. Don't have time to shade at the moment, but you get the idea.

AFTER A MILLENNIUM OF SILENCE FROM ME........well ok only about a month, but when people are waiting on you time doesn't pass quite normally....

I was so sure that January was going to be a productive month for me-----but MY COMPUTER HAD ITS OWN PLANS!! :icondesperateplz:
Good news is I'm back in business now! And EVEN MY OWN SCANNER WORKS AGAIN!!!! :iconexplodelaplz:

Like my original dieselpunk keyblade Iron Fist, Towedweller is for my Kingdom Hearts fanfiction novel-in-progress Heart of the Realm. All of the keyblades in Heart of the Realm, except for those wielded by Sora and King Mickey, were built by Ansem Seeker of Darkness (the KH1-only version of him). Towerdweller is wielded by Ansem himself.

I wanted it to look like a wood and leather Da Vinci flying contraption with a 'hat tip' to the legend of Icarus. (Which ended up being the sun-shaped gear 'eclipsed' by the wing.) One night, I was feeling lucky about my drawings, and thought to see how an adaptation of SoulEater would look. Eventually, I want it to look more complex, but was afraid to keep tampering with it until I could scan it the way it was.

In a dual-wielding set, Towerdweller's counterpart is a Prometheus/Frankenstein keyblade called Star Stealer.
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shishikokoroyuki Feb 7, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i wanna make this after i get some more plywood!
I will watch your gallery forever if you do!!! :iconexcitedlaplz:
shishikokoroyuki Feb 8, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i just need to get some material and paint, and it will be a reality!
shishikokoroyuki Mar 24, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
i kinda imagine it as being solid wood, but when i make it i am going to wrap it with green suede on the handle instead of the plain brown leather
I'm sure it will be amazing whatever tweaks you decide on. :woohoo: You're actually making me jealous, because I haven't started on my papercraft version yet. :XD:
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