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Zar'roc PDO/PDF by EuTytoAlba Zar'roc PDO/PDF by EuTytoAlba
Modeled in kHED
Original Illustration from "Eragon's Guide to AlagaŽsia" for comparison

Build Photos!!!!!!!!!!

Build Tip: The ruby for this has 17 sides-----a difficult but achievable number if one were to cut each face out of plexiglass with a coping saw. You'd then have to file the edges of each face at angle, and glue them together with E6000 "#33". Spray-paint the finished polygon with some red Krylon Metals (actually tinted transparent, not metallic opaque, and also quite resistant to scratches), and you should have one dang decent homemade ruby. :D

EDIT 2.5.13: I'm actually almost done with such a ruby, and have been filming the process for a YouTube tutorial! ;)

EDIT 2.10.13, 7AM: Done. ;P

I don''t know which is more exciting: Posting my first weapon from an original model, finally recovering that lovely model of Cloud's Fusion Swords after five months, or simply that I'm updating from my own computer! (My dad and uncle got my nine-year-old wonder-desktop working again! :happybounce:) Not bad for right after the end of the world, I must say. :iconisaydanceplz:

This template is a Christmas gift for my little cousin who's a huge "Inheritance" fan as well a fan of my old paper-mache "key swords". :meow:

My computer is working----now, my Kingdom Key for a working printer! Actually went to stay with a relative 100 miles away for a while----and their printer wasn't working either! :shakefist:

....Iwannamakeadwagonwidersword, too. :saddummy:
OSMUD Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
very cool gracias
EuTytoAlba Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
le invitamos

I'm trying to have Circle of Life up for you before the end of the month. :)
OSMUD Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
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