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jpemerald Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
wat link can i download the super saiyan hair?
You are more prolific, with more products, than the Disney Corporation. Why not try to sell some of these incredible items?
Haha, thanks. Though I wouldn't say so. :XD:

Since I do everything myself, I have to phase through different stages of the process one at a time----design, production, packaging, marketing, and delivering, to name the basics as I see them. Presently I'm still bogged down in the design stage (all those sketches I've been posting recently), as well as neglecting to lay my infrastructure for 'delivering'----by which I mean finishing my website,, and its complicated shopping cart system. Until my site is finished, I'm leaning on my DeviantArt gallery like a big heavy crutch, so that, at the very least, my art won't just end up lost on my computer and forgotten forevermore. :(
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